Contacting Your Advisor

Students are assigned to advisors based on the first letter of their last name. However, this is a guide and students are able to see any advisor of their choosing. 

Schedule an advising appointment online or by calling 217-333-7491.

A-L - Katie Clark (

M-Z - Dr. Joseph Hinchliffe (

Express advising is available Monday through Friday, 1:00pm-2:00pm on days class is in session. Walk-in appointments may last no more than ten minutes if other students are waiting. 

Meeting With Your Advisor

Visit with your advisor regularly. When you and your advisor know and understand each other, advising works better. Meet with your advisor:

  • to plan course registration for an upcoming semester; 
  • to understand academic requirements related to degree completion, transfer of credit, academic standing, entry or departure from the university;
  • to develop long-term academic plans, or fit existing academic plans with career or post-graduate educational or other post-collegiate plans;
  • to learn about opportunities for study abroad, internships, or academic honors; and
  • to get help or a referral to other campus units for help with problems.