Stephen Chaudoin

Assistant Professor
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Research Interests

  • International Relations, International Institutions, IPE, Formal and Quantitative Methods


  • Ph.D. Princeton University 2012
  • MA, BA Emory University 2006

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Chaudoin, Stephen How Contestation Moderates the Effects of International Institutions: the International Criminal Court and Kenya Journal of Politics 2016.
Chaudoin, Stephen Audience Features and the Strategic Timing of Trade Disputes International Organization 2014.
Promises or Policies? An Experimental Analysis of International Agreements and Audience Reactions International Organization 68 1 2014, p. 235-256.
Chaudoin, Stephen, Jeffrey Kucik, and Krzysztof Pelc Do WTO Disputes Actually Increase Trade? International Studies Quarterly 2016.
Chaudoin, Stephen, Zachary Peskowitz, and Christopher Stanton Beyond Zeroes and Ones: The Effect of Income on the Severity and Evolution of Civil Conflict Journal of Conflict Resolution 2016.
Chaudoin, Stephen, Helen Milner, and Xun Pang International Systems and Domestic Politics: Linking Complex Theories with Empirical Models in International Relations International Organization 2015.
Chaudoin, Stephen, and Johannes Urpelainen When is Good News About Pro-Cooperation Lobbies Good News About Cooperation? British Journal of Political Science 2015.
Chaudoin, Stephen, David Smith, and Johannes Urpelainen American Evangelicals and Domestic Versus International Climate Policy Review of International Organizations 2014.
Chapman, Terrence, and Stephen Chaudoin Ratification Patterns and the Limits of the International Criminal Court International Studies Quarterly 57 2 2013, p. 400-409.
Chaudoin, Stephen, Helen Milner, and Dustin Tingley The Center Still Holds: Liberal Internationalism Survives International Security 35 1 2010, p. 75-94.

In The News

  • Congratulations to Avital Livny and Stephen Chaudoin who have been names 2017-2018 Linowes Fellows with through the Cline Center for Democracy.