Civic Leadership Program Requirements

Undergraduate students participate in the Civic Leadership Program through two paths: the Civic Leadership Concentration (for political science majors) and the Political and Civic Leadership Minor (for students majoring in other fields).  Those wishing to pursue the concentration must be admitted to the Civic Leadership Program and fulfill requirements of the political science major in a way that also completes requirements of the Civic Leadership Program.  The Minor in Political and Civic Leadership is for students who are not political science majors. Minors must be admitted to the Civic Leadership Program and meet all of the following requirements.

Requirements Hours

One course from the following: PS 100 (Introduction to Political Science), PS 101 (Intro to US Government and Politics), GLBL 100 (Intro to Global Studies), GLBL 220 (Governance)

An intermediate or advanced course in public policy 3
A course examining the construction and consequences of social identity relating to race, religion, ethnicity, or gender 3
A course exploring different perspectives on a just, ordered and moral society 3
PS 491 or approved internship course in another department 3
At least two sections of PS 125, PS 191, or PS 199 designated as pertaining to the Civic Leadership Program 2
Total hours 17

At least nine hours must be at the 300-level or above to complete the CLP requirements.

See the approved course list.