Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students interested in conducting original research should consider the political science honors program. During their senior year students in the honors program write a thesis on a topic of their choosing while being supervised by a political science faculty member.

2022-2023 Thesis Projects


Thesis Title Author (Student)  Faculty Advisor

Motivations Behind Voter Mobilization Post-Dobbs Decision

Claire Accardo Cara Wong

Supreme Court Legitimacy and the Impacts of Perceived Politicization

Nicole B Arnold Alicia Uribe-McGuire

Exploring Conflict Engagement: The Impact of Age on the Conflict Engagement of Government Leaders

Anna Blair Alyssa Prorok

Money or Morals? The Use of Violence by Rebel Groups Faced with New Resource Flows

Ryan Coady Alyssa Prorok

University Ideology Relating to Sexual Misconduct Policies

Claire Fleming Robert Pahre

The Power of an Individual's Socialization: Why Racial Identity Impacts Americans' Perceptions of Which Political Issues Are Most Important

Sotirios Gouriotis Robert Carroll

Cops, Courts, and Confidence: How Police Interactions Affect Public Trust in the Judiciary

Emma Henderson Jeff Mondak

Motivations for Nuclear Renunciation: When Do States Give Up Nuclear Weapons?

Nick Larson Nicholas Grossman

Political Messaging Receptivity Among American Age Demographics

Olivia Lynch Thomas Rudolph

Rising up, for One Less: Examining Feminicide and Mobilization in Colombia

Melany Montesdeoca Damarys Canache

Ideological Polarization: Political Division in Activists and the Masses

Zheng Yuan Mor Thomas Rudolph

Public Involvement in Agency Rulemaking: How State Agricultural Output Impacts Public Participation in the Notice-and-Comment Process

Mariama Mwilambwe Brian Gaines &
Carmen Ugarte

ReACTION: The Effect of Online Emotions on Offline Conviction Towards Social Movements

Jasmine Ng Jake Bowers

There's No "I" in Erdoğan: Predicting Power Personalization with Pronoun Usage in Turkey

Emily Sallenback Avital Livny

“High Stakes Finance”: How Battlefield Outcomes Affect Rebel Group Financing

Sonja Shirkevich Alyssa Prorok

Political will, not capacity: refugee reception policymaking in Poland

Nicole Ward Rana Khoury

Best Thesis Award and Poster Award Winner: Emily Sallenback