Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students interested in conducting original research should consider the political science honors program. During their senior year students in the honors program write a thesis on a topic of their choosing while being supervised by a political science faculty member.

2020-2021 Thesis Projects

Thesis Title Author (Student) Faculty Advisor

Who Does the Rule of Law Rule Out? Examining the Access to Justice for Victims in Post-Conflict Colombia

Jessica Angel

Alyssa Prorok

Egotism: American Refugee Politics

Arnoldo Ayala

Cara Wong

Reputation and Rivalry: How Reputation Building Leads to Conflict

Christopher Buckley

Robert Carroll

Four Horsemen of the Populist

Hannah Buzil

Thomas Rudolph

Coronavirus and IOs: How the Pandemic has Affected American Attitudes Towards the WHO and Other International Institutions

Mark Choate

Robert Pahre

A Rawlsian Justification for International Climate Agreements

Kimmy Chuang

Benjamin Miller

Faction Effectiveness in the House of Representatives

Naomi Maehr

Gisela Sin

Neoliberalism and Clinical Labor

Kassidy Mahoney

Samantha Frost

Crime and the Electoral Outcomes of Progressive Prosecution

Ali Mirza

Alicia Uribe-McGuire

Time, Motivation and Politics: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Political Participation Halle Noone Jake Bowers
Who Picks WHO: Accessing Foreign Policy Attitudes Towards Vaccine Development Ami Punatar Aleksander Ksiazkewicz
The Role of Context in the Partisan Divide Over COVID Jason Reed Scott Althaus
The Hidden Underbelly of Neoliberalism: How Neo-Utilitarianism Makes the System Work Kyra Sadovi Samantha Frost
Mental Health in a Modern Democracy: How Anxiety Impacts American College Students’ Political Behavior Aishwarya Shekara Jeff Mondak
Beneficiaries and Project Outcomes: The Role of Aid Beneficiaries in the Success of Sustainable Agricultural Projects William Smithson Daniel Miller
Who Participates? Latinx Identity Preferences and Their Impact on Civic Engagement and Political Participation Estrella Vazquez-Hernandez Cara Wong
The Identity Crisis in Europe: Analyzing EU Enlargement, Turkey and Cultural Convergence Hannah Wernecke Konstantinos Kourtikakis

Best Thesis Presentation Award (in place of “Best Thesis Poster”): Jessica Angel
Best Thesis Award: Jessica Angel

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