Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students interested in conducting original research should consider the political science honors program. During their senior year students in the honors program write a thesis on a topic of their choosing while being supervised by a political science faculty member.


2019-2020 Thesis Projects

Thesis Title Author (Student) Faculty Advisor

It’s My Party and I’ll Switch if I Want To: Electoral Impacts of Party Defection by MPs in the UK House of Commons, 2010-2019

Jackson Barnett

Carol Leff

Making Friends and Influencing People: The Effects of Social Media Networks on Subjective Political Knowledge

Jonathan Bonaguro

Scott Althaus

Disinterested: The Role of Rational Self-Interest in White Working Class Attitudes Towards the Affordable Care Act

Joseph Dillier

Cara Wong

A (Manly) Man’s Game: Masculinity, Gender Threat, and Political Participation

Casey J. Griffin

Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz

Social Movements, Party-fit and Female Representation

Millie G Johnson

Thomas Rudolph

What Happens When the Cavalry Actually Comes?: Investigating Relationships between Intervention, Grievance Type, and Conflict Intensity during Civil Wars

Corbin Kakac

Nicholas Grossman

Revisiting Ethnic Social Identification Theory

Chih-Ming (Louis) Lee

Avital Livny

Public Opinion and Minority Rights after the EU’s 2004 Enlargement

Miranda MacNaughton

Carol Leff

Variety in U.S. Intervention: Middle Eastern and North African Conflicts Since 2003

Sophia Wickum

Nicholas Grossman

Best Thesis Presentation Award (in place of “Best Thesis Poster”): Casey J. Griffin & Jonathan Bonaguro
Best Thesis award winner: TBA