Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate students interested in conducting original research should consider the political science honors program. During their senior year students in the honors program write a thesis on a topic of their choosing while being supervised by a political science faculty member.

2021-2022 Thesis Projects


Thesis Title Author (Student)  Faculty Advisor
Migration and Democracy in the European Union Rumeysa Aydogdu Cara Wong

Use of Force in the BLM Era: How High-Profile Citizen-Killings by Police Affect Use of Force Outcomes in Dallas, Texas

Thomas Ballard Scott Althaus

Being Left Behind: Disseminating Populist Rhetoric on Twitter

Jacob Berlinger Nora Webb Williams

Foucault, Power, and Public Health Disparities

Shivani Bhogaraju Samantha Frost

AmeriCAN I…?” : The Effect of the Strength of American Identity on Civic Participation in Second-Generation Americans

Tyeese Braslavsky Cara Wong

Party Systems and Climate Change Mitigation

Gina Fumagalli Xinyuan Dai

Factors in State-Level Native American Voter Suppression

Jake Gulick Robert Pahre

Maintaining Legitimacy in Crises: Examining EU Citizens' Trust

Melisa Ilkhan Konstantinos Kourtikakis

The CCP's Greatest Hits: An Analysis of Personalism and Propaganda Music

Kaylynn Kattiyaman Yujeong Yang

Violence Against Land Defenders in Colombia

Ari Kelo Mckenzie Johnson

Autonomous Civil Society Organizations in Authoritarian Regimes: A Case Study of China

Edward Kim Yujeong Yang

Identity and Politics: The Mechanisms Behind Politically Motivated Covid-19 Behavior

Katherine King Avital Livny

Partisanship and Progeny: The Effect of Political Polarization on Perceptions of Family Functioning

Jane Knight Thomas Rudolph

The Fight for Gideon: Public Defense Resources and Its Impact on Incarceration

Zachary Kowalski Alicia Uribe-McGuire

The RFRA Arrowhead: Understanding State Level Religious Liberty

Matthew Krauter Alicia Uribe-McGuire

Behind the Barred Felon Vote: Political Implications of Felon Disenfranchisement

Isabel Launspach Jeff Mondak

A Justification for Paternalism: Identifying the Good of Subjective and Objective Ends

Alice Lee Benjamin Miller

Patterns of Influence: How Governments Utilize Minority Targeting Propaganda Campaigns

Benjamin Nathan Alyssa Prorok

The Impact of Changes in the Law on the “Court of Public Opinion”

Adem Osmani Jake Bowers

Women Belong in the House (and the Senate): An Analysis of the Impact of Gender and Occupation on Legislative Effectiveness in the United States Senate

Steph Petrov Gisela Sin

Deplatforming the Alt-Right: A Study of Hate Speech and Twitter Bans

Malia Sayad Nicholas Grossman

When Fact-Checks Fail: Instilling Social Responsibility on Social Media

Alexandra Simon Thomas Rudolph
Corporations, Personhood, and the Right to Bend the Law Clay Ward Samantha Frost

Best Poster Award Winners: Kaylynn Kattiyaman 

Best Thesis Award Winners: Thomas Ballard and Tyeese Braslavsky