Some political science students will choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) after they finish their BA. However, there are also many jobs available in the business sector for political science students with a Bachelor of Arts. Political science courses can help students to develop skills and knowledge that will be beneficial for the business world.

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Consulting is a growing career path among political science majors. At the core of the work of a consultant is problem solving. They will examine work processes and evaluate for efficiency as well as provide solutions to improve productivity and improve the experience of employees and customers alike. Consultants are hired in a variety of industries, including but not limited to campaigns, government, healthcare and education.

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Political science graduates may be interested in pursuing a career in the local, state or federal government. Those interested in working in government should work to improve their analytical, problem solving and communication skills. It is also helpful to have some background in mathematics and statistics. The federal government employs individuals in a variety of different careers including but not limited to budget analyst, program analyst, foreign affairs specialist, public affairs specialist, and social scientist.

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Law School

The American Bar Association recommends that students take courses that help develop skills and habits of thinking important to a successful career in law. Accounting, cultural and global studies, economics, finance, history (especially American history), logical reasoning and ethics, mathematics, political institutions, political theory, psychology, public policy, and sociology are all topics in which students interested in law should considering taking courses while they are undergraduates.

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Some political science students seek to work with nonprofit or not-for-profit organizations at home and abroad. Those looking for employment in these sectors can start by looking at the National Council of Nonprofit Associations and Political science majors study complex organizations and how they work. The ability to understand policy and the structure of government is very beneficial in many nonprofit organizations.

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