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Law School

The American Bar Association recommends that students take courses that help develop skills and habits of thinking important to a successful career in law. Accounting, cultural and global studies, economics, finance, history (especially American history), logical reasoning and ethics, mathematics, political institutions, political theory, psychology, public policy, and sociology are all topics in which students interested in law should considering taking courses while they are undergraduates. 

Any student seriously considering law school should contact the Pre-Law Advising Services

Resist the temptation to turn an undergraduate degree into a miniature version of a professional program, or to reduce your choices of course to what you think will look good to law school admissions officers. A degree in political science at the University of Illinois offers students the chance to grow as thinkers and human beings. Not only are more broadly educated and thoughtful students better candidates for law schools, but many students report that their careers are more fulfilling for the time they spent in school learning about subjects beyond what their professional careers required. 

Check out the Alumni Spotlights webpage to see how Political Science alumni are working within law!

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