The Civic Leadership Program (CLP) offers students an informed appreciation of American democracy, the values and structures on which it is based, its successes and its weaknesses, and the challenges it will face in the 21st century. Because the potential benefits of democratic governance cannot be realized without an abundant supply of capable and committed civic leaders, the Civic Leadership Program takes on the mission of generating a stream of highly motivated, exceptionally capable, ethically aware, and broadly-trained individuals who will be prepared to assume leadership positions in civic affairs in both the private and the public domains.

The Program is designed to appeal to students with interests in American politics, public policy, and civic engagement. The curriculum points CLP students toward coursework inside and outside the Department of Political Science that will provide them with the substantive background and theoretical foundations to understand leadership and policymaking in the U.S. context and to participate as civic leaders.

Undergraduate students participate in the Civic Leadership Program through two paths: the Civic Leadership Concentration (for political science majors) and the Political and Civic Leadership Minor (for students majoring in other fields). Admission to the program is  based on academic performance, demonstrated leadership achievement, and the potential for meaningful civic engagement. Successful completion of either the concentration or the minor requires three components: foundation coursework in political science and/or related disciplines, specialized coursework in civic leadership, and an internship.

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