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Alyssa Kathleen Prorok

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Contact Information

320 David Kinley Hall
Associate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Professor, Political Science

Recent Publications

Prorok, A. K., Appel, B., & Minhas, S. (2024). Understanding the Determinants of ICC Involvement: Legal Mandate and Power Politics. International Studies Quarterly, 68(2), Article sqae018.

Lucas, C., Appel, B. J., & Prorok, A. K. (2022). Not Too Distant: Grievance, Opportunity, and the Onset of Civil War. Civil Wars, 24(4), 497-523.

Prorok, A. K., & Cil, D. (2022). Cheap talk or costly commitment? Leader statements and the implementation of civil war peace agreements. Journal of Peace Research, 59(3), 409-424.

Menninga, E. J., & Prorok, A. K. (2021). Battles and Bargains: Escalation, Commitment, and Negotiations in Civil War. International Studies Quarterly, 65(2), 406-422.

Cil, D., & Prorok, A. K. (2020). Selling Out or Standing Firm? Explaining the Design of Civil War Peace Agreements. International Studies Quarterly, 64(2), 329-342.

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