Jeffery J Mondak

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Selected Publications


Mondak, Jeffery J Personality and the Foundations of Political Behavior Cambridge University Press 2010.
Mondak, Jeffery J, and Dona-Gene Mitchell Fault Lines: Why the Republicans Lost Congress Routledge 2009.
Nothing to Read: Newspapers and Elections in a Social Experiment University of Michigan Press 1995.

Journal Articles

Mondak, Jeffery J, Jon Hurwitz, Mark Peffley, and Paul Testa The Vicarious Bases of Perceived Injustice American Journal of Political Science 2017.
Canache, Damarys, Matthew Hayes, Jeffery J Mondak, and Mitchell A Seligson Determinants of Perceived Skin-Color Discrimination in Latin America Journal of Politics 76 2014, p. 506-20.
Mondak, Jeffery J, Damarys Canache, Mitchell A Seligson, and Matthew V. Hibbing The Participatory Personality: Evidence from Latin America British Journal of Political Science 41 2011.
Mondak, Jeffery J, Matthew V. Hibbing, Damarys Canache, and Mitchell A Seligson Personality and Civic Engagement: An Integrative Framework for the Study of Trait Effects on Political Behavior American Political Science Review 104 2010.