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Liliana Brock

Contact Information

158 English Building, 608 S. Wright, Urbana, IL

Research Interests

My research interest is centered on studying Latin America, focusing on two main areas: collective action and migration—specifically, boycotts and recent migration patterns within the region. I aim to explore the dynamics and impacts of boycotts as a form of political participation, particularly how they challenge and influence established power structures. In parallel, I am also deeply invested in understanding the trends and implications of migration in Latin America, examining how the movement of people contributes to and reflects broader social changes.

In addition to understanding the effectiveness and impact of boycotts and migration, I am interested in developing and applying innovative research methodologies. These innovative methodologies aim to offer new insights into the intricate factors determining the effectiveness and outcomes of boycott movements and migratory patterns. This includes examining their impact at the individual and aggregate levels.

By integrating traditional quantitative and qualitative research methods with innovative techniques and designs, my goal is to offer a more nuanced understanding of the role and potential of grassroots movements in reshaping political and social landscapes, especially in contexts where conventional forms of political engagement may be constrained.

Awards and Honors

Illinois Graduate Fellow