Tracy Sulkin

Dean, College of Media, Professor
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  • Ph.D. University of Washington, 2002
  • M.A. University of Washington, 1999
  • B.A. Western Washington University, 1997

Selected Publications


Bernhard, William, and Tracy Sulkin Legislative Style University of Chicago Press 2017.
Sulkin, Tracy The Legislative Legacy of Congressional Campaigns Cambridge University Press 2011.
Sulkin, Tracy Issue Politics in Congress Cambridge University Press 2005.

Journal Articles

Bernhard, William, Daniel Sewell, and Tracy Sulkin A Clustering Approach to Legislative Styles Legislative Studies Quarterly 2017.
Sewell, Daniel, Yuguo Chen, William Bernhard, and Tracy Sulkin Model-based Longitudinal Clustering with Varying Cluster Assignments Statistica Sinica 26 1 2016, p. 205-233.
Sulkin, Tracy, Paul Testa, and Kaye Usry What Gets Rewarded?: Legislative Activity and Constituency Approval Political Research Quarterly 68 4 2015, p. 690-702.
Sulkin, Tracy, and Carly Schmitt Partisan Polarization and Legislators' Agendas Polity 46 3 2014, p. 430-448.
Bernhard, William, and Tracy Sulkin Commitment and Consequences: Reneging on Cosponsorship Pledges in the U.S. House Legislative Studies Quarterly 38 4 2013, p. 461-487.
Francis, Katherine, and Tracy Sulkin Legislative Coalitions and Presidential Signing Statements Congress & The Presidency 40 3 2013, p. 230-254.
Hayes, Matthew, Matthew Hibbing, and Tracy Sulkin Redistricting, Responsiveness, and Issue Attention Legislative Studies Quarterly 35 1 2010, p. 91-115.
Sulkin, Tracy Campaign Appeals and Legislative Action Journal of Politics 71 3 2009, p. 1093-1108.
Sulkin, Tracy, and Nathaniel Swigger Is There Truth in Advertising? Campaign Ad Images as Signals about Legislative Behavior Journal of Politics 70 1 2008, p. 232-244.

In The News

  • For their latest book William Bernhard and Tracy Sulkin studied 20 years of data on the U.S. House of Representatives. They discovered five distinct legislative styles that describe the ways that members of Congress focus their time, effort and resources. The U of I News Bureau spoke with Dr.

  • Congratulations to Dr. Tracy Sulkin who was named a Richard and Margaret Romano Professorial Scholar. The appointment recognizes Dr. Sulkin for her research achievements and her leadership role on campus.