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Robert Pahre Fund for Off-Campus Program Development

The Robert Pahre Fund supports faculty development of all kinds of off-campus programs, including internships, field trips, field-experience courses, and study abroad.

Established by the Board of Visitors, the fund recognizes Professor Pahre’s service as Head of the Department of Political Science. The Fund’s goals reflect Pahre’s passion for experiential learning and his belief that off-campus programs help connect academic learning to the “real world” outside the classroom.

The Fund emphasizes program-level needs. For example, it may help purchase supplies for course development, support travel to build relationships and/or negotiate memoranda of agreement with local partners, support ways to bring off-campus experiences into the classroom through film or online modules, or pay for graduate teaching assistants and drivers in order to lower program costs to students.

Recognizing the cost of off-campus programs and unpaid internships, the Pahre Fund may also provide scholarships to individual students. However, it gives preference to proposals that will have an impact on many students by developing or improving programs.

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Robert Pahre Fund

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