Congratulations to all the faculty and teaching assistants on the Summer and Fall 2022 List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent. 

A special congratulations to the 21 instructors from the Department of Political Science who are on the list: 


Summer 2022

 Hyo-Won Shin PS 241 TA


Fall 2022

Seongjoon Ahn* PS 270 TA
Ekin Alpay* PS 152 TA

Jacob Bowers* PS 374
Robert Carroll PS 231
Jaeseok Cho PS 100 TA
Xinyuan Dai* PS 380 and 584
Paul Diehl PS 386
Samantha Frost* PS 521
Zachary Jablow PS 101 TA
Abdullah Kabaoglu* PS 231 TA
Rana Khoury* PS 300
Konstantinos Kourtikakis* PS 282, 348, and 385
Aleksander Ksiazkiewicz* PS 519
J Lee PS 282* TA
Avital Livny PS 240
Benjamin Miller PS 371
Jeffery Mondak PS 494
Jair Alexander Moreira PS 101 TA
Alyssa Prorok PS 396 and 481
Cara Wong PS 329


* indicates instructors considered to have outstanding ratings

Click HERE for Summer 2022 and HERE to see the complete list of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Fall 2022.



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