Visit with your advisor regularly! When you and your advisor know and understand each other, advising works better. Meet with your advisor:

  • to plan course registration for an upcoming semester; 
  • to understand academic requirements related to degree completion, transfer of credit, academic standing, entry or departure from the university;
  • to develop long-term academic plans, or fit existing academic plans with career or post-graduate educational or other post-collegiate plans;
  • to learn about opportunities for study abroad, internships, or academic honors; and
  • to get help or a referral to other campus units for additional support.
Express Advising

In-Person Express Advising Fall and Spring: 

David Kinley Hall 4th floor Monday-Friday from 1:00pm- 2:00pm. 

Please schedule a formal appointment to discuss degree requirements, graduation, or general course planning. The below resources may be of assistance:

Concentration declaration for Political Science majors: A formal appointment is not required exclusively for concentration declaration purposes. Please discuss your concentration eligibility as part of a regular advising appointment, or contact your advisor via e-mail to declare your concentration. Be sure you meet the concentration declaration criteria.


Scheduling An Appointment

Schedule an advising appointment HERE, clicking the advisor's name below, or by calling our main office at (217) 333-3881.

Students are welcome to meet with any advisor, but as a preliminary matter, students are assigned an advisor based on last name:

Advising Appointments (30 minutes):

  • Phone Appointment: advisor will call you at time of appointment.
  • Zoom Appointment: advisor will e-mail you the day of appointment with Zoom link.
  • In-Person Appointment: Please alert your advisor then wait in hallway.

Appointment Guidelines: Please be sure to schedule only one appointment at a time to allow appointments for other students. During busy periods (priority registration, beginning of the fall or spring semester) appointments may fill a week in advance. Please plan ahead.