Michelle Mora

MICHELLE (EACK) MORA (‘11) entered college through the general curriculum program (a forerunner to the Division of General Studies) with hopes of studying business and going to law school. After exploring the curriculum a bit, she followed her heart to political science and Latin American Studies. During her time in the department, she was a participant in the Political Science Honors Program, which culminates in a senior thesis. Michelle calls the thesis the hardest thing she had done in her life to that point, but was very glad she pursued it.

Larry Harris

LARRY HARRIS, JR. (‘15) has always had an interest in government and foreign affairs, and that led him to the Department of Political Science. During his time as a student here, he had a number of great experiences in classes and extra-curricular activities, but points to his study abroad in Vienna, Austria (in a program led by Professor Vasquez) as “life-changing.”

Julia Azari

JULIA AZARI (‘02) started college hoping to be a journalist, and she selected political science because she hoped to do political journalism.  As she studied political science, she fell in love with the field.  She really enjoyed her classes with Professors Leff and Gaines, and one of her TAs suggested she might enter academia. She earned a doctorate at Yale University, and now is a professor at Marquette University.