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Amanda Sonneborn

AMANDA SONNEBORN (‘99) was born into a “very political” Springfield family, and she interned in the General Assembly while still in high school. Her decision to major in political science grew from...
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TERRY WELCH (’76) grew up in Springfield with a Republican father and a Democratic mother who enjoyed engaging the family in political debate. Studying political science at the U of I felt like “a...
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Wendy Netter Epstein

WENDY NETTER EPSTEIN (‘99) entered the University of Illinois intending to go the “pre-med” route. However, when she started classes, she quickly learned that she enjoyed political science the most,...
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John Coady

JOHN COADY (’74) explains how his study of political science influenced his judicial career path and life in this way: “Politics is my life.”  In college, he was involved in activities including...
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