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Evan Keller

For EVAN KELLER (BA ’16), studying Political Science at Illinois was “never in question.” It all started with his 8th grade current events class, where a dedicated teacher encouraged passionate debate and discussion about the 2008 presidential election. His love for politics and government grew from there, and by the time he arrived on campus, Keller was ready to get involved. During his time on campus, Keller interned for State Representative Carol Ammons and State Senator Scott Bennet while also helping lead efforts to prevent budget cuts to state universities and expand financial aid to undocumented students. 

Keller notes that his most valuable experience was the summer after his sophomore year when he interned for then Representative Tammy Duckworth’s office through the Illinois in Washington program (which he highly recommends). It was through that internship that he developed his organizational, writing and time management skills, which resulted in Keller being a better leader and student when he returned to campus. He also decided to add additional majors in Communication and Spanish after this experience. After five years in Senator Duckworth's office, Keller currently works as a Public Affairs Principal out of Kivvit's Washington, D.C. office.

Thanks to his time at Illinois and his work experience in Washington, Keller has lots of advice to share with students. His main suggestion – develop versatility in your writing skills. The ability to write efficiently and effectively is a highly marketable skill that will carry one far. On top of that, he stresses working hard for campaigns, causes, and elected officials you believe in, engaging with the Champaign-Urbana community, and being fearless in utilizing the Illinois alumni network. 

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