Any items related to Political Science alumni.

  • JANICE LIN (‘16) has always been adept when it comes to political science, developing a passion for the subject in high school.
  • EMILY GARNETT (BA ’05; MA ’07) always knew she wanted to do something with politics or law.
  • Robert Doubek (’66) grew up in an American family with Czech roots. They were bakers and confectioners for three generations, including his.
  • Nick Harrer (’02) has always had an interest in broadcast journalism.
  • ROB HUCK (’71) is a retired UI fundraiser and major supporter of the University of Illinois.
  • MITCH DICKEY (‘16) is the University of Illinois Alumni Alliance’s Advocacy Coordinator, where he helps manage federal and state advocacy efforts on the University of Illinois’ be
  • MARY O’CONNOR (’74) had always been interested in Political Science and decided to pursue this interest at the University of Illinois.
  • JAYLIN D. MCCLINTON (‘16) is a graduate of the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois.
  • JOHN BECK (BA ’71; MS ‘74) started at the University of Illinois in 1967 as a student in what is now known as the Division of General Studies.
  • The Department of Political Science is pleased to announce an annual awards program to honor outstanding University of Illinois Political Science alumni.
  • University of Illinois Political Science alumni have made significant contributions in many fields – academia, the law, government, politics, business, media and others.
  •   Political Science PhD alumnus Dr. Sumit Ganguly (’84) has been elected as a 2017 Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
  • Congratulations to political science alumna Morgan McClain-McKinney Limo (BA, '09; MA, '11) who is a recipient of the LAS Outstanding Young Alumni Award!