My PS Story

Stories from Political Science alumni and how they are using their University of Illinois degree now.

  • JANICE LIN (‘16) has always been adept when it comes to political science, developing a passion for the subject in high school.
  • NATASHA DOLMON (BA ’14) spent much of high school engaged in politics, so naturally she selected Political Science as her declared major.
  • For EVAN KELLER (BA ’16), studying Political Science at Illinois was “never in question.” It all started with his 8th grade current events class, where a de
  • EMILY GARNETT (BA ’05; MA ’07) always knew she wanted to do something with politics or law.
  • ROBERT DOUBEK (’66) grew up in an American family with Czech roots. They were bakers and confectioners for three generations, including his.
  • NICK HARRER (’02) has always had an interest in broadcast journalism.
  • MITCH DICKEY (‘16) is the University of Illinois Alumni Alliance’s Advocacy Coordinator, where he helps manage federal and state advocacy efforts on the University of Illinois’ be
  • JAYLIN D. MCCLINTON (‘16) is a graduate of the Department of Political Science at the University of Illinois.
  • MARY O’CONNOR (’74) had always been interested in Political Science and decided to pursue this interest at the University of Illinois.
  • MARIE JOHNSON-DAHL ('16) did not always know what she wished to study when she got to the University of Illinois.
  • JOHN BECK (BA ’71; MS ‘74) started at the University of Illinois in 1967 as a student in what is now known as the Division of General Studies.
  • JUSTIN GERBER (’15) entered the University of Illinois not as a political science major  but after a semester of not feeling connected to his classes, he started to look for other
  • LARRY HARRIS, JR. (‘15) has always had an interest in government and foreign affairs, and that led him to the Department of Political Science.
  • JULIA AZARI (‘02) started college hoping to be a journalist, and she selected political science because she hoped to do political journalism.  As she studied political science, she fell in love wit
  • AMANDA SONNEBORN (‘99) was born into a “very political” Springfield family, and she interned in the General Assembly while still in high school.