Stories from Political Science Alums and how they are using their University of Illinois degree now.

John Coady

JOHN COADY (’74) explains how his study of political science influenced his career path and life in this way: “Politics is my life.”  In college, he was involved in activities including student government and the Inter-Fraternity Council.  His advice to students is that while classroom performance is important, participation in extracurricular activities is essential in the development of leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills. Or more simply, “Be excellent, but also be involved.”

Catherine Topolinski

CATHERINE TOPOLINSKI (’13) enjoyed study abroad in both India and Belgium while she was in college. She chose to study political science because she enjoyed the courses.  She thinks political science gives students “a real nice skill set to use for whatever you want.”

Morgan McClain-McKinney

MORGAN McCLAIN-McKINNEY (BA ’09; MA ‘11) was a political science major throughout her years at Illinois, but her interests shifted from pre-law to international affairs.  While in college, she took classes in French, Arabic, and Chinese as well as International Relations and European Union Studies. She was also a participant in the Civic Leadership Program, earning a graduate concentration in Civic Leadership.